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What We Do

We create memorable brand experiences for our clients by dreaming larger, designing wiser, and delivering unforgettable, engaging experiences.

Our passion for delivering unforgettable retail brand experiences has allowed us to influence some of the most notable brands in the automotive and retail industry.
We are dreamers and designers delivering services using architecture, interior design, brand strategy, and in-retail digital experiences.

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Multi-National Retail Program Management & Rollout

We have extensive experience in high-volume Automotive roll-out programs, which we execute for our clients nationwide and internationally to ensure efficient consistent implementation. We manage all the details as it relates to each location — design intent packages, and project management.

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Retail Prototype Development

Translate the design concepts into fully detailed prototypical sets, utilized for the creation of construction documentation, and bidding. Prototype sets are created to exemplify your brand design, specifications, program requirements and details.

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Brand Architecture

Research, brand positioning, benchmarking, ideation, and creation of key brand messaging for retail environments and brand experiences. We generate conceptual retail designs and environments.

Who we are

We connect people and brands in meaningful ways.

Today, more than ever, people experience brands in multiple dimensions. At Eview 360, we see the big picture. We understand that no business challenge is one-dimensional, and no two brand stories are alike. As a brand evolves, it must remain consistent across the many dimensions in which people experience it.

We are passionate about delivering complete solutions, grounded in business requirements and executed with a blend of creativity and technical expertise. While the solutions we deliver continue to change, our focus on creating brand experiences that connect with people on a personal level is ingrained in our unique culture and the results driven work we deliver.

Since our founding in 1999, we have drawn upon architecture, design and technology to strengthen our clients’ brands and solve complex business problems. We recognize the importance of turnkey solutions and offer our services that result in the delivery of a consistent brand message while continuously striving to optimize our processes and refine procedures to ensure we exceed our client’s’ expectations.

Meet the team

Design Heroes In Ones & Zeros

At Eview 360, a team of Architects, Designers and Program Managers work closely with clients to extend their brand communication and marketing message through their environment. Our extensive team experience in automotive, retail design, and program roll-out enables us to assist you from concept through execution.

Brian Wenz

Managing Director

Tammy McChristion

Human Resource Manager

Michael Harmon

Program Manager

Robert Hartley

Senior Project Manager

Elie Elirany

Retail Creative Director

Adam Dushane

Architecture Project Manager

Mike Costanza

Lead CG & Visualization Specialist

James Brosius

Architectural Designer

Dora Cappone

Project Manager

Matt Sutton

Project Manager

Scott Hughes

Senior Application Developer

Roger Salinas

Project Manager

Heather Gulla

Project Manager

Chance LaPratt

Architecture Project Manager

Pamela Lopez

Accounting Specialist

Our Ethos

Code of honor

Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our agency & we practice a set of 8 rules to live by. They are simple but powerful as they are at the core of who we are

  • See failure as a beginning, not an end.
  • If you don’t go after it you won’t have it.
  • Always do more than is expected of you.
  • Assume nothing and question everything.
  • Make peace with the past or you’ll pay for it.
  • Stop thinking so much and start acting.
  • Never compare yourself to others.
  • Teach others what you know.

We are working with a diverse group of clients

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  • Corp! Magazine Communication Award

  • Michigan Economic Bright Spots

  • Crain’s Small Business Award

  • Telly Awards - Silver & Bronze

  • Inc Magazine

  • Axiem Award - Digital Excellence

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