8 Cakes Bakery 2.0

Eview 360 developed a customer-centric design to refresh an existing bakery space to exude the high-end nature and softness of the 8 Cakes brand. We created a clean and modern canvas for the integration of feminine, Instagram-able design elements, allowing our design to be visually stunning and engaging.

Experiential RetailArchitecture & Interior Design

A Design for the Instagram Era

Reminiscent of a refined, modern Parisian patisserie, the design uses the elements of the existing minimalist space as a foundation, adding in warmth, color, and texture to create an inviting, Instagram-worthy vibe. Impactful, dried floral installations frame out key moments within the cafe area. Relaxed elements like soft seating and an art gallery wall give the cafe space a comfortable, home-like feel, specialty wall finishes like limewash and bold, floral wallpaper add interest and tactility, and sophisticated lighting and clean lined furniture boost the space’s newfound elegance.