Bank & Retail Design

The client approached Eview 360 about how to best utilize a piece of property they had recently acquired in Michigan. We were tasked with implementing conceptual retail and/or bank buildings in different locations on the site. The design team produced several facade studies, proposed key locations on the site for the conceptual buildings, and determined the basic site requirements (like parking) for each proposed building.

Digital Experiences & Virtual RealityArchitecture & Interior Design

Design Concept

In total, three bank concepts of varying sizes were produced, and a different site location was proposed for each, based on the size and corresponding site requirements. One retail concept was produced and placed in an ideal location on the site – adjacent to surrounding, existing retail. A sleek and dynamic material palette was selected for the varied concepts. Key design elements were thoughtfully incorporated into each bank concept to visually unify them and provide a branded aesthetic. The retail building had a contemporary aesthetic and incorporated two levels of rentable office space above the first-floor retail.