Ford Signature

The Ford Signature Design is a solid framework for dealership operations brand presentation, with a special emphasis on the customer experience and key brand touchpoints. The design creates a sales and service environment that is measurably cost-effective, clean and efficient, while promoting the unique characteristics of the Ford brand and products.

Automotive Dealership Rollout

Supporting the Ford brand for over 20 years

The key brand touchpoints were essential for a successful design execution and the translation of the design into each site-specific dealership project. The Signature Design utilizes a series of architectural, graphic, and fixture based elements to create the Ford environment. Every detail has been carefully thought out to work harder while being flexible enough to translate across multiple spaces and formats. The Signature dealership is a vibrant, innovative and digitally connected dealership with engaging experiences.

The rollout process for each project consists of an initial dealer site visit where the programming and schematic designs were established in a collaborative forum. Since 2017, our agency has supported all Ford Signature projects on behalf of Ford Land and Ford Motor Company and delivered to each its own set of design intent documents (DID). The DID for each project provides detailed information on all brand-specific elements that are required to create the Signature facility.