Ford Smart Labs

Ford Smart Labs is an innovative brand presence and retail approach designed for high-traffic spaces.

Experiential Retail

Client Implications:

Smart Labs is designed in the concept of a “Pop-Up” installation using a set of kit elements to work with multiple configurations, layouts, and types of vehicles. It is applied in strategically located and selected high-traffic retail locations in the US and Internationally.

Smart Labs attracts customers with an active, “open” boundary display, where customers may purchase and test-drive vehicles on the spot. This level of transparency creates confidence and comfort for guests. The staff is incentivized by leads, not sales, removing pressure on customers and creating an approachable feel. As a whole, the space reflects this while being bright, informal, inviting, and modern.

We carried the design on 6 continents by providing architectural conceptual design packages to assist teams in countries like Canada, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Greece, the UK, Australia, and South Africa. Test fits concepts allowed regional representatives and stakeholders to visualize the design in its environment and make quick and educated decisions.