Lincoln Vitrine

The global Lincoln design effectively showcases the brand through warmth, human scale and a personally crafted expression. On the exterior, floor-to-ceiling glass, a signature bezel frame and stone-look facade wall act in unison to provide the distinctive global Lincoln expression, while signage provides the Lincoln customer with brand identity and global recognition. An elevated showroom provides an enhanced view of the vehicle offerings, and interior spaces provide a luxurious dealership experience and celebrate Lincoln’s rich heritage. All of these design elements work together to evoke transparency and hospitality, and provide the modern Lincoln experience.

Automotive Dealership Rollout

Client Implications

Excellence in Executing Automotive Luxury

The principles of branded retail encompassed by the global Lincoln design language are applied in each branded zone and customer interaction, creating a truly unique experience that includes select customer touchpoints. These touch points deliver the most intuitive and brand-centric environment possible to present Lincoln products and services. Our agency has managed the architectural rollout and execution of all Lincoln Vitrine facilities since 2018.