Maserati Baselworld Pop-Up Retail

In 2015, Maserati became the official car partner for the World Watch and Jewelery Show, Baselworld, the sector’s largest event – bringing together every year about 122,000 visitors and more than 1,400 exhibitors, including some of the world’s most prestigious and renowned brands.

Experiential Retail

Pop-Up Experiential Retail, done the Maserati way

Eview 360 created Maserati experience centers which are intended to provide clientele with insight into the Maserati lifestyle. Within the Pop-Up store, vehicle presentation and lighting are key ingredients to be able to convey the Maserati ambience. The vehicle is showcased as the exquisite center piece of the space through careful positioning and lighting focus. Blending these elements together with the event kits that display the rich heritage and exclusive merchandise of the Maserati brand creates a memorable and enduring experience for store visitors.