MyHealth Urgent Care

Eview 360 designed and developed a full brand identity & prototype for MyHealth Urgent Care. As a full-service design firm, Eview 360 was instrumental in the creation of the brand identity, digital communication strategy, architecture, and interior design of the prototype.


Prototype Design & Development

MyHealth, Putting the "Care" back into "Urgent Care".

Our team took a holistic approach to design, integrating branding elements through logo design and a cohesive material palette to produce a unique and compelling visual identity. The resulting MyHealth Urgent Care Prototype design establishes a technologically advanced and visually connected environment that reflects the brand’s core attributes of compassion, knowledge, and care at initial contact.

The prototype design employs warm materials, vibrant colors, and community seating to enhance a sense of trust and belonging, creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for patients. Eview 360’s thoughtful approach to the design has resulted in a space that promotes a sense of comfort, fostering an environment where patients feel cared for and valued.

We are proud to have worked with MyHealth and Ascension Health on this transformative project and are excited to see the facilities rolling out across Michigan. The success of this project is a testament to our ability to provide comprehensive design services, from branding to architecture and interior design, all while ensuring that each element works cohesively to deliver an exceptional experience to patients.