Suite Maserati at Hotel de Peris, Montecarlo

The Hotel de Paris suite will provide an experience that is tailored to each individual guest as well as the Maserati brand. This interplay between guest and brand will be a visual, sensory, and tactile experience that is attained through materials, colors, and purposefully defining spaces and moods within the suite.

Experiential RetailBranded Automotive Hotel Suite

Design Concept

We created memorable Maserati moments for the guests through intentional design, resulting in distinct moods in each space of the suite. This mood overlay combined with key Maserati element placement creates an unforgettable stay for the guests. Our design alters the materiality of the suite, assigns moods to each space to create a memorable guest experience, references the Maserati brand in a fresh way, applies a modern aesthetic to create an unexpected experience within the hotel, and engages guests through their senses by creating Maserati Moments.