Supplyside USA Warehouse & Showroom

Eview 360 designed an exclusive warehouse and showroom space for a business owner and visionary. While a large portion of the building was being developed as an office for the owner’s business, there was a vacant area carved out for the implementation of the proposed warehouse and showroom.

Automotive Private GaragesArchitecture & Interior Design

Design Concept

The arrival to the warehouse provides necessary privacy and security, while not sacrificing aesthetics. Modern fencing and minimalist landscaping frame the exterior entry to the distinctive space. The entry aisles to the warehouse are accentuated with sleek pavers and each vehicle entry is equipped with security badge access, providing a secure and exclusive experience.

The interiors are reminiscent of a sleek, museum or gallery space, and separate daily vehicle storage from a feature display vehicle with a black, shiplap-clad wall. The vehicle in the museum space is displayed like a piece of art and is accompanied by large, leaning art pieces, a soft and simple lounge, and a minimalist observation bench. A small barber station was also integrated into the design to give the multipurpose space more opportunities for interaction and socialization.