Minimalism Moment at M1 Concourse

The design concept of the private garage exudes an urban but modern aesthetic. Unlike most private garages, which are heavily automotive-themed, the client requested a sleek, compact, functional, and uncluttered space.

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Design Concept

Subdued colors form a neutral palette that sets the overall scene with a contrasting textured white backdrop. Materials like brushed stainless steel frame warm wood elements are designed to blend into the background in the form of either built-in shelves or storage. Frameless glass panels are also used to unify the split-level space and minimize any visual obstruction. While the space is minimalist in nature, we created visual impact and unified the design by incorporating a textured feature wall, which elevates the garage experience. The garage and automotive theme are subtly present, underlying the overall desired mood of family-friendly lounge space for hangouts and event gatherings.

M1 Concourse, located in Pontiac, MI, is an 87-acre playground for auto enthusiasts that includes the world’s largest community of Private Garages and a state-of-the-art 1.5-mile Performance Track with its own private Motorsports Club. M1 is a place where enthusiasts can keep, show and exercise their vehicles in the company of other enthusiasts and enjoy unforgettable experiences in a social setting unavailable to people who keep their cars at home or in a traditional storage facility.