Driving Success in Automotive Dealership Rollout

We strategically coordinate every detail to perfectly showcase your brand, with architectural precision in every project

Lincoln Vitrine

The global Lincoln design effectively showcases the brand through warmth, human scale and a personally crafted expression. On the exterior, floor-to-ceiling glass, a signature bezel frame and stone-look facade wall act in unison to provide the distinctive global Lincoln expression, while signage provides the Lincoln customer with brand identity and global recognition.

Lincoln Trustmark

Since its inception, Lincoln has been a brand founded in purity of design, grace and refinement. The retail environment was built upon these fundamentals so Lincoln could achieve a level of quality and distinction as a luxury brand, and thus create a consistent message to consumers. The precision of detailing and the elegance of materials mirror the attention to fit and finish exhibited by the Lincoln Brand.

Ford Trustmark

We worked very closely with Ford Land to develop the Trustmark Facility Design Standards for new builds and renovated Ford and Lincoln dealers.The Trustmark design addresses all aspects of the facility’s exterior and interior, with a special emphasis on the customer journey and key brand touchpoints. These brand touchpoints were critical for a successful design execution and translation into each dealership project, which are site specific.

Ford Signature

The Ford Signature Design is a solid framework for dealership operations brand presentation, with a special emphasis on the customer experience and key brand touchpoints. The design creates a sales and service environment that is measurably cost-effective, clean and efficient, while promoting the unique characteristics of the Ford brand and products.

Quick Lane

Create a true presence in the market by developing a new prototype that would translate the Quick Lane brand into a retail environment by offering a flexible, modular design solution that enhanced the overall customer experience and maximized the merchandising opportunity.

Ford Bronco

With the launch of the newly designed Ford Bronco, Ford turned to Eview 360 to create a facility that could address the needs of this unique sub-brand and create a facility that exudes adventure, strength, and provide customers with the optimal experience.